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La Grande High School
Class of 1979

My wife and I would like to thank all of you who made it to the river last weekend. Thank you for all your help and the laughter and memories. And a special thanks to Jimmy Curtiss and Lantz Hughes for getting Tommy Bernhardt and his family to the cherished memories. And for those that cooked: Curtiss, Sullivan, Hanley, and Hamilton. And all the young ladies that cleaned and did dishes. How many of you would be interested In having it again but a little later next year? We are not getting any younger ❤️🍺  -Don Flowers

Taken Saturday evening, June 5th at Flowers' place.  Missing from the picture are Helen Mathson (Lara), Ginny Hansell (Lambert), Edna Hardwick (Henderson), Debbie Taal (Larson), Jim Fuller, John Spencer, Don Flowers, and John Short's face (all we see is John's arm and thumbs up).   

A Al - Chris' husband
B Jon Hanley [classmate]
C Susie - Lantz' wife
D Chris Sanderson Butson
E Shelly - Tom's wife
F Will - Tom & Shelly's son
G Amy - Scott Hamilton's wife
H Emmitt Cornford [classmate]
I Dale Wolford  [classmate]
J Scott Hamilton [classmate]
K Jill  -  Dale Wolford's wife
L Shirley Jones Cornford  [classmate]
M Tom Bernhardt   [classmate]
N Lynn Halliday   [classmate]
O Christie Green  [classmate]
P John Short's left hand   [classmate]
Q Todd Baldwin   [LHS class of 1980]
R Lisa Nichols McFarlane   [classmate]
S Angie Hanley Steed [classmate]
T Teri Resare Sullivan    [classmate]
U Scott Sullivan  [classmate]
V Teresa Madsen Hall  [classmate]
W Brenda  -  Don Flowers' wife
X Jimmy Curtiss  [classmate]
Y Lantz Hughes  [classmate]
Z Brian Shaw  [classmate]

From Jon, in response to many requests from those at the

"Flowers' Oasis" for dinner Friday evening in New Bridge:

Clara Hanley's Super Secret Recipe for Bert's BBQ Sauce



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Jeff Williams  7/4
Emmitt Cornford  7/6
Alan Acarregui  7/12
Douglas Wright  7/15
Dan Wiggins  7/18
Don Flowers  7/22