Cheryl Rowe McFerran

Profile Updated: March 3, 2019
Residing In: Lincoln, CA USA
Children, Grandchildren, critters: Kyle, born 1986; Krysta, born 1987; Kenn, born 1989; Kara, born 1991; Kymber, born 1993; Karly, born More…1996 & Kevin, born 2000.
Occupation: 911 Dispatch Supervisor
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After Graduating from La Grande College of Business I attended 2 years at Judson Baptist College in The Dalles. Started as a police dispatcher for La Grande Police Department, moved to Salem Police Department, and then Mesa, AZ Police. I worked as a Computer Tech dispatcher for about 3 years in Tulsa, OK then onto California and have worked for American Medical Response for the last 15 years as a Emergency Medical Dispatch supervisor/trainer. I have 7 wonderful children, and two beautiful granddaughters and another grandchild on the way.

School Story:

I remember May Music Week. I cannot help remembering back whenever I attend my Children's school programs...but I have never seen the quality or elaborate productions we had during May Music Week. Or maybe I just remember them as more grand than they really were...I wonder if my mom and dad would agree :)

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Hey Carolyn - I read you comment on the group chat. Thank you for sharing. I am finding out I did things in my youth that affected others in a lasting way that I never realized. I hope you get to come to the reunion. I hope we have all grown and can maybe add a good memory of our class for you to have. I would like to see you again. Would be fun to have dinner and catch up on how life has changed us.

Mar 03, 2019 at 12:23 PM

New photo was last month at my ‘baby’ brother’s 50th birthday. Some of you may remember Karen, Wayne and Don.

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Cheryl and her 7 children, as posted on Facebook Jan. 18, 2010.